NFT Verification

CactusDash supports user verification based on the presence of NFT (Solana chain) in the wallet.


Go to "NFT Verification" tab, enable this feature and fill the data:

General info: — Mint addresses: you can specify several in one of the following ways:

[ "mintAddress1", "mintAddress2", "mintAddress3"]

— Collection symbol: ONLY if NFTs are submitted on MagicEden. Otherwise, leave the field empty. Metadata properties: Name of attributes in the NFT metadata that Dash will use to define properties. Licenses setup: Plans that will be assigned to licenses after the verification (those plans are created in the "Drops" section) Add to server frozen: If enabled, users with "frozen" NFT will still be added to your server with the specified role assigned when trying to verify.

🔗 After setting up, you can copy the link (at the top of the page) to the verification page to share with your customers.

Send webhook

Click the button on bottom left to send the initial webhook that users will see on the discord server. It contains all the necessary information:

How does it work?

  1. The user connects his Solana wallet and signs the message;

  2. Dash checks whether the valid NFT belongs to this user;

  3. If this is the case, a license is issued and an extension date is assigned (indicated in the NFT metadata);

  4. After that, a check takes place every 4 hours. If the NFT disappears from the wallet, the license is revoked.

⚠️ CactusDash does NOT see changes in the NFT metadata. therefore, when changing this data (for example, the renewal date), you will need to make changes to the license manually (licenses section) .

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