This is an important part of CactusDash's work, as your clients will access the server using license keys. There are 2 ways of keys distribution.

1. License creation

Go to "Licenses" page, generate the license key and share it with your customer.

You will need to select the necessary key settings. There are some hints:

Type 1: Key expiration type (*trial-renewal keys can be renewed after the free trial period )

Type 2: The ability to unlink from a discord account

Activations: The number of devices on which the key can be activated (*for projects with applications/extensions working with the license key)

Roles: Roles on the server that members will receive when linking the key

2. Key sales

You can generate a drop of a large number of keys on your site. Go to the "Drops" page and first of all create the necessary plans. The settings are identical to key generation.

Now you can create the drop. Click on "Add new drop" and set it up.

After that, sales will begin at the time you specify at the address, which can be copied from the drop line by clicking on the icon with the chain (on the right).

*Price is for the initial payment. Monthly fee (if type is Renewal) will be claimed according to the plan.

🔴 Stripe Features

If your payment method is Stripe, the settings will change slightly:

  • In the Price field, enter the API ID of the initial price of your Stripe product.

  • In the Stripe Price ID field, enter the API ID of the renewal price of your product.

*The instructions on where to get the API ID are here.

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